Foreign Language Immersion Childcare


Foreign Language Immersion Childcare Center


Why Language Immersion?

Start Early. Begin bilingual teaching early because the special language learning ability of children decreases with age. The earlier they become immersed in a second language, the easier they will adopt it and remember it.

Our Environment Works.
The natural approach of our childcare setting reduces anxiety and stimulates learning. Children are encouraged to learn through their play, and we foster a fun, yet structured, learning environment.

Cultural Exposure.
Childhood is the best time for cultural understanding. Our children not only learn a language, but the ideas of other cultures. This broadens their ideas and adds depth to their learning.

Lifelong Language Capacity.
With the lanuage foundation we provide at FLICC, our children are poised to continue and grow their language skills. Their increased language base can increase their overall success in school and even in learning other languages.

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Provide Your Child Education Through Play In Dubai – Mosaic Nursery


Toddlers’ years are thought to be a period of great emotional, social and cognitive development. Realizing the significance of this time, Mosaic Nursery is focused on providing education to child through play in such way that their creativity gets
flourished as the time gradually passses. If you wanna know more about the procedure to get your child admitted into Mosaic nursery,
get in touch with us!

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Online Bookkeeping Services-VFM Accounting And Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping needs significant efforts and resources from any organization as it contains sensitive information or data that is to be processed for decision making. Realizing the tediousness of this work, VFM Accounting And Bookkeeping also provides Online Bookkeeping services to meet all their accounting needs. For getting more information about it, just give us a call.

Outsource Your Accounting- VFM Accounting and Bookeeping-UAE

Manual accounting can be a strenuous battle which is the reason online accounting is getting hold of this world. That’s why we at VFM, offer outsource bookkeeping services in Dubai which conform to the IFRS, International Accounting Standards, and with your organization’s arrangement also. So get in touch with us for more detail about it.